I’m an Information Architect. This is what I do.


We’re all generally aware that information architects exist. And there are a lot of us IA types in the world, keeping busy, doing our jobs every day. But what does that MEAN? What’s really going on behind the IA curtain?

During this talk, I’ll decode and demystify several examples of several real-life IA deliverables. You’ll leave knowing a little more about that infogeek sitting two cubes over, and feeling more confident about using words like “taxonomy,” “conceptual model” and “schematic” in polite conversation.

Melissa Casburn


An Information Architect by day, I’m a writer, reader, knitter, crocheter, costume designer, quilter, singer, painter, gourmet, wine drinker, pug owner, and occasional pianist after the geek in me goes to bed.