Surfing in Oregon


I’ve been surfing in Oregon since 1983. The water is as cold as it looks. The waves are better than they look.

In this freewheeling talk you’ll learn everything (almost) you’ve wondered about those crazy people in the water:

  • what do they wear…how long to they stay out
  • how does one start surfing
  • where to go and not get beat up (by waves or people)
  • online resources for surfers
  • spirituality of surfing
  • the horror of nipple rash
  • sharks!
  • and more…

Brendon Connelly


Husband, Quaker, dad, surfer, MBA, skater, bike rider, reader, snowboarder, blogger, boss. I read Drucker for fun and I skate Newberg to get my angst out. I prefer fountain pens to ballpoints and I don’t drink enough water. I’m a Fortune 500 refugee basking in the non-profit sun of higher education. I created and wrote a leading business-oriented blog, and sold it when it stopped being fun. I’m not intimidated by silence. Personal motto: “Begin, again!”