Close Encounters: How People Hook Up On Social Maps


Social mapping allows people to see who else has been to the same places; an obscure kibbutz in Israel, a speak easy dive bar in Prague, an RM Schindler building in LA. The intersection of the places we go is one of the most important ways we can see what we have in common. Lately, I’ve been hearing stories from our users about the interesting people they’ve met on Platial’s social mapping site and the series of coincidences that led to these encounters.

Di-Ann Eisnor

Affiliation Platial

Co-founder, CEO of Platial Inc, a Silicon Valley backed start-up focused on social mapping. Platial and it’s recent acquisition, Frappr account for 13MM unique users of social mapping per month.

Platial is Di-Ann’s third start-up. She lives in Portland with Platial Co-Founder, Jason Wilson and their two kids.