Time for Portland to take its place.


Portland per capita has more College degrees, has more reciently arrived young educated people, has more smart engineers, has more computers, has more bandwidth, spends more time outdoors, has a smaller eco foot print, buys more books, drinks more beer, sees more strippers, sips more wine, and eats more great restaurant food.
This should be the fuel to make great and large companies. Yet we get less venture capital, have fewer public companies, and build fewer successful companies. I will document these facts and suggest some simple ideas on how we can step up and bask in the success we deserve.

Chris Logan


I am a Palo Alto native and a current Portland resident.
My 20 year career has included the positions of:
EVP of Business Development for LiveOps, Vice President of the Avaya On Demand Business Unit for Avaya Inc., President and CEO of Driveway Corporation, Founder and CEO of Fabrik Communications, Inc., and Engineering Program Manager Farallon Computing, Inc.
For my companies, I have personally raised over $100 million from funds including Chase Capital Partners, Sandler Capital, Generation Partners, Battery Ventures, Accel Venture Partners, Crosspoint Venture Partners, and Vangaurd Venture Partners.
Education: I have a B.S. Degree in Engineering with an emphasis in Control Systems from the University of California, Davis.