Food as Medicine: Is poor cellular nutrition the true cause of degenerative diseases?


We’ve long been told our genes are our destiny. But it’s now thought they can be changed by habit, lifestyle, even food. What does this mean for our future?

Between any two persons’ genes there are an average of three million differences or mutations. The implications for medicine are major. Only 5% or less of disease-related mutations are fully genetic (i.e., guaranteeing a disease when inherited) For the remaining 95%, other genes, lifestyle, food and environmental influences also determine disease risk.

What is the secret to cellular health?

Cellular Nutrition: When we think of health and nutrition, few of us imagine the cell. But actually, the cell is the source of the body’s energy supply; it’s what keeps you not only functioning at optimal health, but functioning at all.

In fact, as soon as the cells lose any of their capacity to produce energy for the body, the result is a decline in health and the emergence of degenerative conditions.

Healthy cell life produces what we call “vitality” – a healthy level of energy and resistance to stress.

But how do we make sure our cells are working at full pump on the energy front? Fortunately, it’s not as hard as it sounds, because scientific research shows that good nutrition is the key.


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Kimberly Ficklin


Serious illness forced Kimberly to take an exciting but challenging detour in her life. Though faced with a lifetime illness she refused to be locked into endless drug prescriptions. Instead she turned to nutrition and lifestyle changes for alternative solutions. In less than 6 months, she was living a completely different life – without the diagnosis, the prescriptions, or consistent discomfort of her ailments. This was a catalyst for her to return to school to study Practical Nutrition and Clinical Weight Loss. Kimberly looks and feels better than ever – and she’s on a mission to help others transform their reality through healthier choices – from mind to tummy.
Kimberly is a former stressed out corporate salesperson turned recognized Nutrition Coach and Public Speaker. Her personal mission is to help you live an inspired life fully engaged in taking care of yourself. She specializes in helping busy professionals navigate nutrition and self-care easily and effectively. Her practical coaching style empowers her clients to experience a shift in mindset that brings the joy of food back to their lives. The heart of her belief is that small, simple steps daily can add up to big shifts in energy & vitality.