Panic, Pressure, and Pinterest


We have struggled with self-doubt, been burdened by obligation and expectation. We’ve felt that
we are not enough.

We’ve traded ourselves in for the goal of perfection. We’ve placed our needs in the attic waiting for permission to bring them down and open the box. We’ve hidden our desires letting them dwindle.

This leaves us in an emotional drought that deteriorates our entire being. The truth is this denial of self-care is eroding our health and spirit. But we want permission before we act. We want to be at peace about our body image, job
performance, or someone’s opinion.

We want permission to take a moment to love ourselves
more. But, we are the ones that have to give us that permission.

In this short, but powerful presentation, you will learn the KEY to releasing perfection and self-doubt and why only YOU can do it

Selena Maestas


Selena Maestas is a Defender of Self-Love and the founder of the Love YOU More Project. She believes that women are
struggling with their value and significance in this world.

Selena gives women tools to find self-permission. She helps women feel good about loving themselves MORE
and guides them to see their importance in this space, this life, and to themselves.

We are all just little girls still searching to be SEEN. Are you
ready to make her dream come true?

Join Selena as she spreads the Love YOU More message via motivational talks and articles, an online community,
and through the Love YOU More Manifesto workshop.