3 Keys to Being a Radical Pleasurist


Pleasure is your birthright. If you’ve been living in depression and anxiety for a good chunk of your life, then you know the opposite of living and leading your life from pleasure and joy. I have known first hand what it’s like to be miserable, negative, and unpredictably happy. Now I know how to be happy and I choose pleasure in all areas of my life, especially relationships. Learn the 3 keys to being a Radical Pleasurist and join my world-wide tribe of those that are experiencing consistent, thorough, and far-reaching feelings of happy satisfaction and enjoyment all day, every day.


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Sophia Treyger

Website http://sophiatreyger.com/

Sophia Treyger, Radical Pleasurist, coaches conscious single women to go from Fear to Radical Pleasure™ through her unique body-centered coaching programs. What she doesn’t do: sell sex toys or teach you how to have sex. She takes you much deeper. She empowers women to BE 100% themselves so that they can easily attract genuine, loving, and intimate relationships into their lives. Sophia has an extensive background in couples/sex therapy, as a yoga instructor and energy healer, and as a community organizer. Her mission is for women to know and trust themselves fully and become Radical Pleasurists – those that live in joy, pleasure, and happiness in all areas of their lives.