There Will Be a Quiz on This Later


The pub quiz, as we know it today, is a relatively young entrant (formalized in the 1970s) in the storied history of pub games. It’s a platform for show-offs and know-it-alls to illustrate their inebriated enlightenment, gaining token prizes and the far more important sense of competitive pride.

It’s also a valuable engine for developing a more creative mind, forcing players to bring together unrelated pieces of information and think about facts and concepts in new ways. And the skills necessary to excel as a quizzer – thoughtful listening, team negotiation, grace under pressure – can make players more empathetic people even after sobering up. In the pursuit of the prize, playing pub quizzes can accidentally help you be a better person.


trivia, creativity, empathy, knowledge

Zoe Landon

Affiliation Leporidae Media

Zoe Landon is a web developer, musician, and self-proclaimed oddball, interested in making the web and other jargon-filled domains understandable to ordinary people. In her spare time, she develops strange products for normal people and normal products for strange people. She has won a pub quiz without any teammates and is unlikely to ever shut up about it.