Discover Your Who


I still have my umbilical cord. You can see it when you look at my calendar, at my activities, at my life, my career. It’s the thing I’ve got attached to me that feeds me, physically, mentally and spiritually.

And you still have yours attached too.

From the moment we are born, we have this “phantom limb” this “invisible appendage” that feeds us. So, what do we do. We plug it in to the things we think will feed us. Friends, activities, adventures, pleasures, spouses, kids, jobs. And we try to get a tasty meal out of each…at least until we are no longer satiated/satisfied.

Why is this? What are we looking for? What are YOU looking for in a job? Is it A paycheck? A career? To figure out who you are and how you fit in the world?

How many hours a week is your umbilical cord plugged in there?

And it’s not just our jobs. It’s the activities that spark our interests, like, “hey, adult kickball sounds fun”. It’s the communities we hang out with. It can even be the causes or mission that we are trying on to see if it’s our purpose.

If you’ve seen Simon’s TED presentation, you’ve heard about his golden circles . But what if you don’t know what your mission or vision or purpose is? Or, what if you only THINK you know what it is, whether as an organization or an individual?

Instead, it’s time for us to diver deeper. To discover WHO were were uniquely created to be.


personal, branding, identity, motivation, purpose

Chris Bartell

Affiliation The Identity Discovery Project

I’m a personal and brand cheerleader & energizer. I’ve been helping brands discover their identity and tell their story for more than 20 years as a professional marketer and brand cheerleader. And after reading Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why,” I was inspired to motivate brands to not only discovery their “why” but go one step deeper and discover their “who.” I believe this to be the “golden nugget" at the heart of Simon’s brilliant golden circle.