Everywhere...One Month at a Time


Long story short. I’ve been on an adventure.

For much of my early-40-ish life, I’d always done the “right” thing. The good schools, the advanced degrees, the stressful jobs. All along the way, I dreamed of other paths I wasn’t taking. I collected lists of things I’d wished that I’d done. I regretted that I, for some reason, stayed away from activities that weren’t “aligned with my education,” and so I missed out on living with true purpose.

And somewhere way back in 2014, I decided to make a change. And what I decided on was this: I would hit the road and live somewhere new every month. Every month, I’d go to a new town and strike a fine balance between really living like a local AND taking in all of the sites that only a tourist can still recognize. So, I prepared by saving and building up a business that allowed me to work from anywhere. And 1 year later, I put my stuff in storage and walked out the door…

And now…12 months, 2 countries, 19 towns, 20 Airbnb lodgings later, I’d like to share my story.

I want to share my story for many reasons.
I want to talk about what can happen when life gets “off course.”
I want to talk about what can happen when you’re the one who’s consciously thrown it there.
I want to explore the concept of a creative life, of ways to reconsider the traditional structures and paths associated with education, work, skills, and knowledge.
I want to share a story of how creating a non-traditional work life can offer the freedom of doing fulfilling work, without limitations.
And I don’t want you to keep telling me that you are “living vicariously” through my experiences…
I want you to go out and live your own.


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Tamara Altman

Website http://thetravelingrabbit.wordpress.com/

Tamara Altman is a 40-something, overly educated, self-micro-managing (except when she’s not), former corporate-level Director turned odd-job doer and wanderer. After earning her B.A. from UC Berkeley and her Ph.D. from UCLA and having worked at schnazzy places like Stanford University, blah blah, she decided to chuck all that for some life adventure and to dabble in random and interesting work. By doing so, she took a life that was quickly becoming not worth living and designed it into a dream.