X Marks the Coyote: Mapping Coyotes in Portland


Many animals are experiencing diminishing ranges, while coyotes have more than doubled their range. Coyotes can be found from Mexico to Canada, in rural areas and cities alike. Coyotes in the city? You bet. Portland is home to a thriving coyote population that early morning joggers, dog walkers, and night owls interact with on a regular basis. The Portland Urban Coyote Project collects sightings from Portlanders, maps them, and shares them with the community.

Where do coyotes live in the city? Are they dangerous? What should you do if you see one? How can mapping coyotes help us learn more? Come learn how the Portland Urban Coyote Project is addressing these questions.


urban coyotes, citizen science, mapping

Zuriel Rasmussen

Affiliation Portland State University
Website http://urbancoyoteproject.weebly.com/

Zuriel Rasmussen earned her B.A. in psychology from UC Berkeley. Currently, she is a graduate student in the Department of Geography at Portland State University. She studies geographic information systems, citizen science, community education, and urban coyotes. Zuriel likes long, medium, and short walks on the beach.