What is Sriracha & Why It's a Big Deal


It’s time to stop the madness!
Huy Fong, the rooster sauce sriracha, is identified as “sriracha” But sriracha’s origins go back to the 1930s in Thailand.

So, Huy Fong IS NOT the original! It’s not even the best. It strives to be a $3.99 condiment with chemistry lab preservatives.

The word must be spread that:
Sriracha is a STYLE of hotsauce which differs from traditional hotsauces because it’s strong in garlic and weak in vinegar bitterness, and is therefore more versatile.

For those of us who are sriracha fanatics, that’s the reason. We love spice and hate vinegar. We’ve also suffered for too long with vinegary Tabasco as the standard for hotsauce. The boutique srirachas are plentiful and worth bringing into your life—especially the ones made from habaneros, ghost peppers and Trinidad scorpion peppers. There’s a whole delicious world to stick your tongue on.


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