Farm My Yard - One Way Towards Full Employment and Healthier Eating


The idea is simple. Connect homeowners with yards with urban farmers who yearn for a place to plant and grow food. Alongside many great ideas to get us eating better, and growing our own food, Farm My Yard is one more way to help people connect with their neighbors, build community, and save the planet. I’ll detail out the process of how it can work and discuss the many interesting side journeys starting this movement has taken me in. People will become inspired to get their hands dirty this Spring!


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Albert Kaufman

Affiliation Farm My Yard

Albert Kaufman is an idea guy. After years of being involved in community gardens, p-patches and City Repair’s Village Convergence, in 2013 he came up with the idea of Farm My Yard. Albert teaches people how to use on-line tools for a living – and works towards doing something every day to right the world.