The Vagina Dialogues


What if we lived in a world where sex was discussed as easily and passionately as politics, education, the weather, and food? What if I could easily, without awkwardness, ask my friend “hey, how was that orgasm last night?” or tell her about my mind blowing masturbation session as I passed her the nutritional yeast at the local pizzaria? What if sex wasn’t used as a weapon?

I’m guessing women (and men) wouldn’t feel so alone or broken. I’m guessing fear, shame, and guilt would be replaced by joy, pleasure, boldness, laughter, and communication. Expectations and assumptions would be replaced by vulnerability, intimacy, and connection.

Let’s start a dialogue and begin to really look each other in the eye, discomfort and all. Let’s learn what it’s like to use all of our six senses to feel.


sex, empowerment, fearless, intimacy, pleasure

Sophia Treyger


Sophia stepped into Playing Big when she was 20. That’s when she broke out of her first mold to live fearlessly in Florence, Italy. At 30, she lived Fearlessly and Fiercely by performing in Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues – a 10 year dream. She not only performed but CREATED and organized a community campaign in Chicago for V-Day: an international movement to end violence against women and girls. It was her first taste of true, compelling passion. She created the movement boldly and loudly because she longed for community and a way to raise awareness about matters that were dear to her. Through service taking on various manifestations – published author, couples and sex therapist, sex educator, yoga teacher, personal chef, cooking instructor, food coach, and now sexual empowerment life coach – she has returned full circle to her passion of inspiring creative women to connect deeply with their sexual self and others. She creates community to eliminate feeling alone and “abnormal” and instead serves to affirm women (and men) to be fearless.