Design & Emotion


As an advertising & design student, we are taught over and over again about the importance of making that emotional connection with your audience. People respond differently, but I will give you some insights into the connection between design & emotion. This is the psychology of how things like color, shape, texture, smell, and even sound effect an audience. This presentation will help any business or designer become more in-tune with the image that they want to convey. I promise to bring mult-cultural influences and eccentric flashes of color and inspiration!

China Zamboanga Hamilton


I was raised living in over ten different countries, including Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands. Traveling taught me how to adapt to new situations, and most importantly, taught me how to communicate effectively with all types of people. There are universal similarities that all people share, but more often there are differences.
I am currently an honors student at The Art Institute of Portland, studying towards my degree in Advertising & Graphic Design. My goal is to change the world through popular culture.