What's in your intestine?


Think about eating a sandwich. Now, think about which bread you put on that sandwich. Think of what it tastes like and the consistency and the color – everything. Now, imagine what it would be like to forget all of those things. That’s me. Celiac Disease is incredibly common – effecting 1/-160 people in America – and it means you can’t have the bread you are probably thinking about. Or your wonderful Portland beer. No grain. No wheat, rye, spelt, etc. But, it really isn’t all that bad. I’ll tell you what it is, more than just the sandwich thing. And I’ll tell you how you can still find and make a tremendous amount of tasty foods without all those grains.

Amy Sample Ward

Affiliation Meyer Memorial Trust
Website http://amysampleward.wordpress.com/

By day, I currently work as the Communications & Learning Associate at Meyer Memorial Trust which means I get to blog about new media for nonprofits and help support the nonprofit technology field while also supporting the Trust’s work and internal education. By night, I blog on nptech issues and renewable energy issues, play with a puppy, and bike around on adventures with my husband. In previous lives I have worked in nonprofits like the Chalkboard Project and been a consultant on web design and np tech. Every day, though, I have celiac disease.