No More Bullshit Mindfulness


In this talk Mindfulness Expert Toku, who spent over 2.5 years living at a Zen monastery, will explain that mindfulness is not just about chanting om while swaying from side to side. In fact, he will demonstrate how mindfulness can be used to increase performance, while simultaneously learning to enjoy the crap out of your existence.

Aimed at those who are tired of the woo-woo world of personal development Toku’s talk will dispel the fluff and reveal the hidden powers of mindfulness Including:
1. How to use mindfulness to become a total badass
2. How to be mindful without going slow or sitting still
3. How to use mindfulness to access your superpowers, improve your relationships, and even meet attractive men and women alike .

Hold on to your meditation cushions because this will be an unconventional ride into the high stakes world of incense, bowing, and cross legged epic-ness.


mindfulness, how to, badass, epic, weird names

Toku McCree


Once upon a time Toku was known as Sam a dread locked hippie who worked as a roadie for artists like the Gin Blossoms and Phil Vassar. But when he freed from his shackles by an evil boss, he retreated into the mountains of northern Oregon where he studied with Zen masters and learned the ways of the mindful warrior. Now he has returned to the rose city to share his message of hope, awareness, and anti-woowoo mindfulness with inspiring people from all walks of life. He currently spends his time coaching, blogging, speaking, and trying to convince his cat that his hand is not a dangerous weapon.