Shoulders Back, Deep Breath, Smile


I love people, and I want to get along with all of them. I find everyone fascinating in their own way. If you want to get to know people, you need to be approachable and likable. I have several naturally occurring traits and a couple I have picked up over the years that seems to draw people to me.

I want to share my experiences with Portland, and encourage everyone to try these easy tips to be a better co-worker, acquaintance, friend, significant other, and human.

John Brown

Affiliation Instrument

John Brown is a Swiss Army developer. He does a little bit of everything in the programming universe, but his primary passion is creative coding and code art. He works as a Technical Director at Instrument and co-manages a creative code group after hours.

He builds furniture with reclaimed wood, grows pepper plants from seed (every year starting in February), and roasts coffee every third day so it is as fresh as possible. Oh, and he has a beard. Could he be more Portland?