How to Commit Murder, Sell Drugs and Other Crimes Through the Power of the Internet


The Internet has been a boon for industry and society alike, empowering us to communicate and do business in new and creative ways. However, with the implementation of any new technology there is a dark side. Over the past few years the rise of underground markets and forums specifically designed to facilitate and empower both cyber and traditional forms of crime. In my talk I will discuss how these underground markets work and how the are part of a larger illicit booming economy.


cybercrime, crime, internet

Ken Westin

Affiliation NA

Ken is a security researcher with 14 years experience building and breaking things through the use/misuse of technology. His technology exploits and endeavors have been featured in Forbes, Good Morning America, Dateline, New York Times, The Economist and has won awards from MIT, CTIA, Oregon Technology Awards, SXSW, Entrepreneur and named in Portland Business Journal’s 2013 “40 Under 40”. He has worked with law enforcement and journalists utilizing various technologies to unveil organized crime rings, recover stolen cars, even a car jacking amongst other crimes.