To East Portland With Love


This is a very locally-focused talk and I feel Ignite Portland is a perfect venue for it. My talk centers on the idea that a lot of the tech scene in Portland is currently focused in very small clusters of central East Portland and the Pearl District in Downtown Portland. While this makes sense business wise to be situated in central Portland for the companies involved, the tech community is heavily reliant on those spaces to create the ‘tech community’ and can exclude many people for reasons of transportation, work hours (most tech events aren’t friendly to service employees), and convenience.

I want to give a brief talk on expanding the idea of the tech community in Portland to target people who are not commonly represented in the tech community. I feel that Code Oregon is doing a good job of this and I want to recognize that effort. I would like to give people the encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to start a tech class or meetup group in their neighborhood or district (including in Gresham, Hood River, and even not-Intel Hillsboro) and to become the change I wish to see in the Portland tech community.


advocacy, community, technology, Portland

Skyler Corbett


Skyler Corbett is an artist and UX/UI developer living in Portland. He wireframes castles in the sky in the hope that someone else will code them.