Enjoy the Silence


For over two decades, listening to music through earphones while cycling was a habit. I took refuge and comfort in shutting out the outside world and immersing myself in my own personal soundtrack, forsaking safety considerations in the process.

But that ritual changed last summer when I came to terms with, and embraced, my lifelong adversary: peer pressure. To my surprised delight, the decision to unplug during bike rides opened up opportunities for making connections, exploring communities, and cultivating empathy.


bicycling, safety, community, learning, music, responsibility, resistance, personal growth, change, transformation

Mo Nishiyama

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Mo Nishiyama is a lifelong learner, blogger, and community curator who masquerades as a technical writer. His numerous passions include storytelling, Oxford commas, and Kouignou Amann. Born in Japan and transplanted to the United States in 1976, Mo has called Portland home for nearly twenty years. Mo has recently learned that skinny pants are the enemy of most yoga poses.