Can Biochar really save the planet? and other Burning Questions


It’s black and dusty and has more than a 2000 year history, depending upon who you talk to biochar will either help cool the planet or burn all of the forests down. What is this stuff? Will it really help save the planet? Is it as amazing as the soothsayers and starry eyed dreamers say it is? Well, maybe not, :-) but we can use it, and the green technologies that go a long with it, to help clean up our watersheds, provide some much needed rural jobs, capture some carbons, and restore some balance to our soils.

Erin Rasmussen

Affiliation NW Biochar Working Group, TR Miles Technical Consutants Inc.

Erin Rasmussen is a dual purpose geek, with a passion for both renewable energy and web design. She comes by it honestly, she works for Tom Miles who is a specialist in biomass gasifiers for heat and power. Erin has carved out a niche for herself as network specialist and web nerd, and has been actively involved in supporting international conversations about biochar, gasification, anaerobic digestors and improved cooking stoves.