Can the Cloud be abstracted?


In the early days of interconnected computing, companies such as AOL and Compuserve attempted to establish themselves as gatekeepers to the Internet, but ultimately, the free Internet prevailed and everyone was able to take advantage of the open platform.
Today, history is repeating itself with the Cloud, where a war is raging between big players for dominance over the future of technology.
The Cloud evolved by progressively pealing layers from the traditional computing stack, first with virtualization hypervisors which abstracted operating systems from underlying hardware, and then by abstracting services from underlying hypervisors. But, can the Cloud be abstracted from Cloud Service Providers? This session describes how new open source Cloud alternatives are emerging as very strong contenders to their commercial rivals, from organizations like NASA, CERN, Argonne National Labs and, yes, the NSA.

Al Kari

Affiliation DetaCloud

As a Co-Founder and CEO of DetaCloud, Al focuses on delivering leading-edge open-source Cloud solutions to enterprise and public organizations.
Al started his career as a software architect by founding Softwarehouse, overseas before moving to the United States, and later held product and services leadership roles at Dell, Inc. where he helped build the company’s virtualization, data center optimization and Cloud Computing practices. He has numerous published articles on enterprise solutions, IT infrastructure, virtualization, cloud architecture, open source technologies and entrepreneurship.
Al holds Bachelors in Informatics from the University of Damascus and a Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from Stanford University. Al has been a strong advocate for building the future of Open Cloud in support of scientific and academic research, as well as industrial and technological development. He is a standing member in the Cloud Advisory Council, the Linux Professional Institute and the OpenStack Foundation.