Stop Making Senseless Websites


This talk is not aimed at developers who make websites, but at the clients who hire them. (Almost) everybody wants a website these days but few take the time to think about WHY they need one or WHAT they want to say.

So many people hire a developer and then ruin the project by making ridiculous demands that have nothing to do with whether their users will benefit. If a doctor said you needed a heart transplant, you wouldn’t tell them you’d really prefer the tonsillectomy instead would you? Hire a professional who knows what they’re doing and then trust that they might know a little more than you about how to make your site successful.

This talk will include top mistakes to avoid when creating or redesigning a site in clear, plain terms that everyone can understand and use.

Kronda Adair


I’m a native of Portland, OR. I enjoy most typically Portland things: bike riding, getting outdoors, coffee dates, tea dates. I don’t like beer. I met my wife at the roller rink (really).