Ugly is the New Beautiful


Ignite Portland allows all kinds. Last time we had funny talks and serious ones and also different kinds of speakers, Experienced ones, not so experienced ones. I liked watching the audience reaction because of it.
Sometimes we humans expect only beauty, permit only perfection. But what about Ugly? By “ugly” I mean the non-beautiful. Charm is deceitful and beauty is fleeting. What if we were all Barbies and Elijah Woods with piercing blue eyes? Something would be missing.

I think Profoundness hides behind ugly. If you only look for beauty you will bypass the Best. If you only care for Shiny you will miss hidden Royalty.

Don’t miss it. Next time you think of passing up conversation with an undesireable, think again. You may end up richer for it.

Let’s Hear it for Ugly.

Kristin Webb-Tomson

Affiliation Citizen of this planet

Counseling background, semi-geek, now in Accounting. I went to Recent Changes Camp 2006 and loved the stream of people making it work. It was revolutionary and full of Serendipity.