A Fabber In Every Household


3D Fabrication is the process of taking a digital model, either created from scratch or scanned from an existing real life object and printing a physical copy out in a variety of materials. This amazing technology has been used in design industries for years but is finally becoming affordable to the general public. At just under a grand home sized 3D printers, such as the Makerbot, are closer to a reality but still beyond most people’s financial grasp. I propose we gather resources and start a 3D printing coop right here in Portland. Thus I present OBJECTIFIER!

Erik Chevalier

Website http://sites.google.com/site/objectifier/

A computer science student who’s currently obsessed with 3D fabrication and hopes to do only nonprofit or philanthropic business. In the past I’ve done everything from fueling private jets to running a virtual world content design group. I’ve also had my share of work on independent video productions in a variety of positions, including shorts, documentaries and feature length movies.