how to date professionally: the do's and don'ts of office romance


When you work in a cubicle, and your comfort level of talking to women in bars or at the gym is equal to that of french kissing while wearing your night retainer; then finding romance in the office is often the natural evolution. Best practices and true stories are shared, and listeners will walk away with a tactical understanding on:
- How to analyze company structure and employee behavior in identifying viable prospects
- How to bring some romance to your company’s softball outing
- How to not behave at the company-sponsored holiday party

Mario Schulzke


Born in Germany, I came to the US 16 years later and went to college in Montana. Got to live in places like England, France, Spain, Montana, Seattle, LA, and now Portland. After failing as a ping-pong player and comedian, I ended up in advertising. Gave my first college graduation speech last year. Didn’t think so many graduates would invite their grandparents, which resulted in some rather awkward moments. Write the mario blog about life in Portland, my cat Otto and to prevent daily calls from my German mama.