The Heart of the Matter...


Consequently, I am well aware that to a great degree…
our perception is what actually shapes our reality.

Whether we choose to take this into consideration… well, that is up to each of us individually. It is liken to the idea of Freedom, ask a fallen Soldier’s Family… Clearly Freedom is far from free. That is why the First Amendment has given the insecure a right to disrespect through speech! But the true power lies in my decision to react or to respond, and that decision is left entirely up to me…….

Shei'Meka U J Newmann

Affiliation W+K

My name is Shei’Meka Unique Jessica Newmann. I am a volunteer at Jefferson High School. I have mentored, coached and volunteered at Jefferson High School since 2001 (as my 9-5 has permitted).

I currently work at Wieden and Kennedy. A well known advertising agency here in the Northwest? If you would like to know how Nike does it, it was W+K who inspired them to, “Just Do it!” ask Bo “Bo Knows”, and LeBron too, is “Witness”!!! (and the list goes on).

But my correspondence is not about Wieden and Kennedy. As a matter of fact it is not about me either!
It is about us all…and the love we share, if we choose to!