A history of the stick figure


You see him everywhere – hanging around bathrooms, loitering at construction sites, and perpetually crossing the street. The ubiquitous stick figure. That little, iconic, round-headed fellow on signs that makes us think twice before taking the wrong door, or helps us so we don’t really need to think at all. But where did he come from?

We’ll take a look at the origins of the stick figure from post-WWI Vienna to his current status as a cultural icon. It’s a fascinating tale of war, industry, society, and the development of a visual symbol that has evolved to represent all of us.

Eric Lewallen

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Eric Lewallen enjoys a really good story. He’s currently the Client Design Director at Thetus, a leading provider of semantic modeling and discovery software. He’s also the principal of ITO Information Design, which helps companies tell their stories through business visuals that bring clarity to complex products and processes.