Building a Product that Sucks


I’ll describe how to build a product/service that is totally non-responsive to the needs of customers, for exmaple:

*Create a product that users can’t find
*Use outdated technology
*Use pricing tactics that hold your customers hostage
*Make your customers suffer huge wait times for even an inferior solution

The purpose of the talk then, is to give the audience a template they can use to identify markets that have these characteristics (and there are lots).

Chris Blanchard

Affiliation Pronetos, Inc.

Labeled an eminent historian by the Boise Weekly, Chris is the CEO of Pronetos, an online social community for scholars. He graduated from the Boise State University Honors College with a B.S. in Social Science (History and Economics), and is completing his M.A. in Applied Historical Research. Chris is a certified web applications developer and is a founding editor of Boise State University’s digital public affairs journal, Idaho Issues Online. In 2006, his publications included an article in the Social Policy Journal, and a book chapter in a monograph published by the Haworth Press. He has authored numerous general interest articles for publications such as the Boise Journal, and The Idaho Statesman.