'Your IPod is Evil' and Your Role In Consumer-Shaped Ecosystems


“But The IPod can’t be evil!” you say, “Its so cute and sexy!”. Sure, but cute and sexy come at a high price. In this talk, I’ll give a high-speed crash course in closed vs open market models, explain why, sexy as they may be, vertical solutions like the Ipod’s can be terrible for all of us in the long run. By the end of the talk you’ll be crying for open solutions and poo-poo’ing your pod!

Kim Pallister

Website http://www.kimpallister.com/

Kim is a technology evangelist in the games industry, having spent time at several of the large mega-corporations in the pacific northwest. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, but much prefers speaking on his own behalf where he can take the seatbelts off and tell it like it really is. He blogs at www.kimpallister.com and at www.vgvc.net