Biodiesel: the stuff you need to know


Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from vegetable oil. Sure, it smells like french fries when you burn it, but is it safe to use? Do I have to convert my car to use it (and if so, how?) If it’s so great how come everyone isn’t using it? Does it take more energy to create it than you get out of it? Won’t we have to give up food production to make it? What about my warranty?

Find out the surprising, astounding and/or amazing answers to these and a dozen (or so) of the most common questions about biodiesel!

Brian Jamison

Affiliation OpenSourcery

Brian operates Portland’s oldest retail biodiesel outlet. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with many technology-related companies to his credit. Brian serves as President for the Portland Open Source Software Entrepreneurs (POSSE) and as advisor, mentor, or board member for numerous startups. He actively promotes safe, renewable biodiesel as a locally-produced fuel source.