Change or Die


“If the rate of change inside an organization is less than the rate of change outside, the end is in sight.” (Jack Welch)

The Christian Church used to be the dominate social, political, and religious institution in North America. Before electronic media, people centered their lives around their church. But as cultural dynamics changed, the church refused to change and now finds itself in an increasingly irrelevant position with less than 20% of the population attending church on a regular basis.

Despite the increasing irrelevance of the Christian Church, people are still seeking for spiritual meaning. They are finding that meaning in ways that more closely resemble their complex connections in real life. Going to church doesn’t meet that need. Rather people are connecting in various social networks, online and offline.

Like our contemporaries in Europe, the Christian Church will soon be obsolete unless change occurs. Before you discount me as some Bible-thumping zealot, please understand that I’m NOT “that” guy. I’m not interested in forcing people to conform to my ideals. Rather, I’m interested in awakening the church to reality.

It isn’t 1860 anymore. The Church must change, or die. There are valuable inputs the church could input into the human experience, but it must quit seeking to control, legislate, and dominate other people’s lives.

Leadership is best exercised by example, not preaching. It isn’t about forcing change (even on an institution), it is about primitive spiritual connections and passages that enable and enhance success in life, relationships, and health.

Gary Walter


Firefighter, Paramedic, Flight Paramedic, Paramedic Manager, EMS Industry Leader, Student, Husband, Father, Life Coach.

Just another esoteric, energetic, eclectic, Portlander with creative ideation and explosive inventiveness. Not trying to change, but integrate.