Ignite Portland 6 proposals

We are not accepting proposals at this time.

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If you had five minutes to talk to Portland what would you say? What if you only got 20 slides and they rotated automatically after 15 seconds? Launch a web site? Teach a hack? Talk about recent learnings, successes, failures? We are looking for talks that will inspire and teach, not recruiting or product pitches.

Submitted Speaker and title


George Mandis — How to start a Ponzi-scheme

Al Partridge — Villagers to Arms!

Virinder Singh — Clean Energy is for the Left's to Lose

Eva Miller — The death of authority: a kind of elegy

Daniel T. Sears — Southern Gothic Filmmaking and the Naga Pepper

J-P Voillequé — Cultivating Constructive Silliness

james keller — Critical life lessons learned from my four years as a hooker

Noel Franus — Everyone needs a little space

Reid and Amye — Derailing the Train: How to stop Ignite Portland in its tracks.

Jeanne Turner — 10 Vegetables that Could Improve Your Sex Life

Peter Korchnak — The Tao of Hockey: Why Portland Needs an NHL Franchise

Ross Swartzendruber — Timewave Zero and Global Brain Change or The Return to Living in Natural TIme; Is there an App for That?

Aaron Weiss — Seven lessons learned while trying to reinvent television news


jonathan hanson — rejecting my birthright: how my mother's death, one wife, three children, and 12 months in Iraq have me hoping I can say 'no' to the last legal drug

Chris Fulmer — What is the “Technological Singularity”?

John Abbe — Shift Happens - Geeks, Satyagrahas and Other Process Artists...

Laura Russell — How To Judge a Book By Its Cover


Mike Sax — What Jimmy Stewart can teach us about technology.

Andrew Berkowitz — My Updated and Revised Commencement Speech to the Graduating Class of 1989

Todd Henion — How to Drive in [a city like] Portland

Phillip Kerman — Video Production on the Cheap

Miki Tokola — Sauna Etiquette: Proper Decorum Amongst Naked, Sweaty Strangers


Jennifer Davis — Don't Apologize for Being Remarkable

John Stepleton — Why Entrepreneurs Deserve Respect and Why the Reasons Why They Fail

jason wilson — NeuroGeography - How our brains keep track of the Places we go

Seth Raphael — The History of Magic and Technology

Seth Raphael — Magic from the Future

Tyesha Snow — Lessons from the Volatile: What aromatherapy has taught me about design


John Schreiber — making a trashion statement (wallets and other products) from unrecycled milk and juice cartons - and then some.

Russell Holzinger — Living in a Resource-Based Economy


Todd Greco — How to build and program a multitouch display


Ken Westin — How To Make Money Stealing Mobile Phones & Laptops


Anselm — Whistling

Crystal Beasley — Ecstatics, Zealots & Mass Hysteria : How we collectively lose ourselves


Da5id Clouse — How to not have a child and love it


Bret Bernhoft — Uniting the Tech and Creative Communities in PDX

Charles Pergiel — Build a Better City


Bryce Yonker — 10 Clean High-Tech Ideas for Oregon


Steven Walling — Why You Should Play The World's Oldest Game


Chris Alan — Tips on How to Be a Gentleman From a Guy Wearing Jeans and a Tee Shirt


Michael Buffington — The Scandalous Lies I've Told My Children


David Abramowski — The international language of hand gestures


Abraham Ingle — Tracing the Lives Around you


Jason Glaspey — How to get stuff for free.

Uriah Zebadiah — It's the End of the World As We Know It, and It's About %#$@& Time!


Daniel Bachhuber — State of Water Access Around the World


Megan Bradley — Massage 2.0: Myofascia-The Real Interweb


Mark Chussil — Nice Start

Mark Chussil — Why Smart People Make Bad Decisions


Scott Rogers — Clairvoyance and Astral Projection: When My Mom Found My Porn

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky — Ten Reasons Why I Use Linux, and Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't


Mike Mercer — C=(DxVxFSxS)>RA - Marketers Use it on You; we need it now more than ever!

Justin Stanley — How to Lose All Your Friends and Die Alone


Bridget Pilloud — You can stop S#$%#y Little Dog Syndrome

John Metta — How to absolutely, positively ensure that you do not get picked to speak at Ignite Portland


Cheryl Vandemore — How to get adopted by an immigrant


Dr. Jayson Falkner — Science. It works, bitches. Protein Edition


Faddah Steve Yuetsu Wolf — Gypsy Jazz in PDX - why it rocks your socks off & you wanna be our groupies without even knowing it

Sandra Clark — DIY Healthcare in Portland

Anselm — Why programming is so great

Kate "The Great" Folsom — How to have fun, damn it.

Casey Carey — Micro-Communities - The Power of Trusted Networks Helping People in Need

Ben Bleything — The Webcomic Age or, A Young Geek's Illustrated Primer

Liz Grover — Dare to Do An Ignite Presentation.

Emily Schulz — All about Southpaws

Isaac Szymanczyk — Secrets of bidding for travel on Priceline


Adam DuVander — How to grow a sweet beard like mine

Chris Pitzer — What is Ignite?