Ignite Portland 3 proposals

Ignite Portland 3 was on Wednesday, June 18th, 2008. Visit Ignite Portland for more information about the event.

The submission deadline has passed and we are not accepting any new proposals for this event. The selection committee has begun choosing presentations and will announce their decision soon. We thank all those that submitted proposals and helped spread word of the event.

Submitted Speaker and title


Pete Forsyth — What's a WikiProject?

Jenny Andrews — The Evolution of our Social Brains

Sharon Greenfield — The Social Sciences in Technology

Vanessa Holfeltz — Boiling Water in Five Easy Steps

Sharon Greenfield — Fracking robots, dude!

Sharon Greenfield — Developmental Psychology, kids, and technology.

Chris Dawson — My paranoia is clogging the tubes!

Pete Forsyth — Let's wikify our democracy!

Esteban Gutierrez — what happens when you click on a link

Rick Rezinas — Social Bookmarks in the Enterprise: A sideways approach to digital asset management and other annoyances

Eva Schweber — How To Run a Startup and Not Lose Your Mind

Ewan O'Leary — Making Sense of Carbon Offsets

Phillip Kerman — Don't get mad, make a video!

Mark Silver — The Healing Power of Marketing

Nate Smith — Best Nate Smith Ever!

A.J. — How to be a successful geek in business with a family

Sasha B — G-strings aren't just for strippers

Sally K Lehman — How to blast through writer's block


Marlin Pohlman — Method of gravity distortion and time displacement

Dan Blaker — What startups can learn from Barack Obama

Jason Grigsby — Cup Noodle: Innovation, Inspiration and Manga

boone — use light to make better pictures

Franz Maruna — How the web will save the world..

Anselm Hook — The ImageWiki Project


Willem Larsen — Riddles, Dreams, Myths, and Landscape

Bob Ferguson — Your Brain on Laughter: Stay Healthier - Be Happier - Live Younger

thomas landers — the power of secrets

Michele Knaus — The Consumer and the Egg: Negotiating Ecolabels


Aaron Hockley / Selena Deckelmann — Bridging the Proprietary / FOSS Divide in Portland's Tech Community

Mike Wills — Everything I Know About Dating I Learned from Web Search Engine Optimization


Hideshi Hamaguchi — QUESTIONeering

Christopher Logan — The Urban Future – Portland as prototype, Shanghai at scale

John Sechrest — From SixHourStartup , StartupWeekendPortland to StartupXXX


Rob Kistner — Poetry can save the world (or at least one's sanity)

Amy Sample Ward — connecting you to connec+ipedia

Meredith Sorensen — Talking Trash


Gerry Van Zandt — A Short Course On How to Ride Freight Trains

J-P Voillequé — Wallace Stevens 2.0

Nedra Rezinas — Make Cranes, Not War


Dave — How small companies can use Industry Analyst Relations (AR) to drive sales

Benjamin Foote — Analysis of The Establishment of H2H Trust Relationships Between Disparate Mobile Networks


Eric Lee — Big monsters, small houses and other principles for helping you build a killer demo.


Grant Kruger — How to Run a BarCamp-Style Event Without Going Nuts

Kevin Fox — How to buy a car for under $1,000


Evan Dumas — How to make everyone else happier

Mike Sugarbaker — Introducing Story Games: the fine art of rolling 2d6 to overcome your grief

Darrick Wong — Monitor and Save Energy with Linux

Carolynn Duncan — Stop The Rampant Genocide of Brain Cells Via PowerPoint Presentations


John Anthony Hartman — The Machines are watching, US! ... and it’s a good thing.

sarah gilbert — a case for cooking food

Liz Kimmerly — Dare to Go Where You Fear