Ignite Portland 2 proposals

Ignite Portland 2 was on Tuesday, February 5. Visit Ignite Portland for more information about the event.

The submission deadline has passed and we are not accepting any new proposals for this event. The selection committee has begun choosing presentations and will announce their decision soon. We thank all those that submitted proposals and helped spread word of the event.

Submitted Speaker and title


David Price — Teh Internet: Human Activity as Software

Patrick Anthony — Whoops dot com: How to missmanage your personal brand online

Sarah Sharp — Open Source Rockets!

Mario Schulzke — how to date professionally: the do's and don'ts of office romance

Mario Schulzke — why deutschland loves david hasselhoff

kasey goltra — Screw Convenience: A Year of Weighing Trash (but what is trash?)

Clay Jordan — twenty people, twenty bob dylan songs

Al Partridge — The evolution of mass entertainment & The Bagdad: Murder and Redemption in 3.5 acts

Shei'Meka U J Newmann — The Heart of the Matter...

Eric Lewallen — A history of the stick figure

Karol Collymore and Selena Decklemann — Caucus and Primary: What they mean and what they do

Chris Blanchard — Building a Product that Sucks

Brad Upchurch — low cost music and video tools that redefine creativity


Kim Pallister — 'Your IPod is Evil' and Your Role In Consumer-Shaped Ecosystems

Kim Pallister — The Importance of Raising Renaissance Kids

Jon Perr — That's Entertainment: Politics as Theater in Campaign '08

J-P Voillequé — The hermeneutics of org charts.

Brian Jamison — Biodiesel: the stuff you need to know

Gary Walter — Change or Die

Steve Gehlen — Plastic & Wood: Finding Balance in a Digital World


Hideshi Hamaguchi — QUESTIONeering


David Vanadia — A Date-Rape-Escape Story from China: CLARIFIED


Mark Gross — Setting up the SDCC tool chain and hacking the USB Bit Whacker

Mark Gross — Why *you* should build a robot in Portland

chet fiedler — where does imagination go?

Melissa Casburn — I’m an Information Architect. This is what I do.


David Vanadia — A Date-Rape-Escape Story from China


Melissa Casburn — Irrashaimase!: Traditional Sushi in a Newfangled World


Kelly Guimont — Wouldn't You Like To Be A Pepper (Expert) Too?

Phillip Kerman — A Programmer's Life: contracting, slacking, living


Jessica Bruder — How to Be An Undercover Hooker


Brendon Connelly — Surfing in Oregon

Brandon Philips — Six weeks to robot

Raven Zachary — Guess Who?

Aaron Hockley — Railroads 2.0: How a very old industry is going green, high-tech, and efficient into the 21st century

Tony Perez — Consider adopting a retired Greyhound

Di-Ann Eisnor — Close Encounters: How People Hook Up On Social Maps

Amy Sample Ward — Walking the dog

Dawn Foster — What Would Dr. Seuss Say About Online Communities


renny gleeson — "the internet helps me be more than I can be/the internet doesn't help me live the kind of life I want to lead"


Chris Logan — Time for Portland to take its place.


Ethan Smith-Gillespie — A Bottled Ecosystem


Adrienne Fritze — Living a Made Up Life - and Getting Away With It!


Tyler Stenson — Crafting Song

Paul Stoffregen — How To Use A Stepper Motor


China Zamboanga Hamilton — Design & Emotion

Brendon Connelly — The Secret Art Of Managing Your Boss

A.J. Weinzettel — How to be a successful introverted entrepreneur with ADD

Peat Bakke — Beauty in Abandonment

Amy Sample Ward — What's in your intestine?

Ian Dees — Use Real Revision Control -- And Get Away With It


Drew James Anderson — Art of Ideas

sarah gilbert — Eggs & Chard: How eating local and seasonal can fill you up and save us all

Raven Zachary — >Mg: You have a Magnesium Deficiency!